4XSEED General

The 4XSEED project relies on the trading data from a wide range of traders with different approaches, strategies and ability. This data drives our risk management and automated trading strategies. The more trader data we have, the better our behavioural models, the more we are able to manage risk and the more traders get promoted to provide better returns alongside our AI. Our proprietary AI underpins the whole platform and is the game-changer.

Beside that, up to 60% of the applicant did not pass the quiz.
Our Mexico based investors hold their assets as Cryptocurrencies and they invest with us in a form of Bitcoin. For us to convert it to fiat currency, we would need to declare the source of the funds and our investors choose to remain anonymous.

We would need FCA regulation for us to operate smoothly with the bank. Deposit and withdrawal would take a lot longer, as well as we might not be able to accept US trader.

But if we operate in cryptocurrency then we can operate freely and instantly, therefore we only accept Bitcoin.

Withdrawal Method: Bitcoin
No, you do not need to provide documents. We only need your full name. As we operate in Bitcoin, there is no KYC needed.
4XSEED platform is driven by trader data and behavioural risk management models. To that end we impose the absolute minimum restrictions on trading strategy and styles. So we do not have any particular trading terms. But here is some basic rules:

$200,000 Account
-Daily drawdown: $3,000
-Max total drawdown: $15,000
-Max exposure lot: 20 LOT

$300,000 Account
-Daily drawdown: $6,000
-Max total drawdown: $30,000
-Max exposure lot: 50 LOT

We will normally complete the process of creating and funding your account within one business day assuming you provide all required documentation when requested. Funding are completed within 2-3 business days, it may take as much as 5 business days sometimes.
Once you make payment, we will then open a MT4 account at the broker. We will then fund the MT4 account and you will be sent account login details.

4XSEED General

With 4XSEED you simply pay and then trade, there are no simulations or demos or trading limits or tests, trials, combines or any other confusing ways of messing around. You can even receive a refund if it’s not what we say.
The 4XSEED project is unique in that it allows any trader with any experience to compete for institutional style funding. We allow the trader to do this for a fee that is vastly lower than the average total cost of using ones own funds at a retail broker to create a verified track record. Simply put, we offer the absolutely lowest costing real trading platform especially for the developing trader with profit potential.
We do not place restrictions on traders geographically.
The ONE-TIME fee is the innovation created by 4XSEED. It is designed to allow the maximum number of participants to compete with live accounts for increasing funding. The amount of the one-time subscription is designed to offer fairer value than using a brokerage to try and increase account size or to create a verified track record attractive to financial backers.

Trading Information

If your account is in deficit by over 7.5% for $200k & 10% for $300k, you are required to stop trading by your own accord and will be closed and cancelled without any formal notice. You will not be able to trade with us again.
The 4XSEED project relies on the trading data from a wide range of traders with different approaches, strategies and ability. This data drives our risk management and AI trading strategies. The more trader data we have, the better our behavioural models.
We offer all major/minor forex pairs, commidities, indices, bond, stock, futures.
We do not provide demo accounts. We would prefer our traders to trade live with an regulated brokerage account and we control and assume losses on a global basis, rather than have them create unrealistic results on a demo.
The spread is the difference between by what broker are you gonna trade with.

We provide funding with no strings attached. We do not tell you how to trade or offer any advice. We believe that the funding should be the easiest part of trading.

Trading Information

Yes, you can.
We use FXChoice & Hugosway
1:100 to 1:500 depending on the trader’s request.
Our minimum monthly profit goal is 5%.
Yes, it is allowed.
There are no minimum or maximum limits for the number of trades or loss per trade. As stated before, the only limit is a total loss limit of 7.5% for $200,000 account size & 10% for $300,000 account size.

Withdrawal & Payment

You can withdraw once a week on any business day you choose.
We make payments via Bitcoin only.
All account withdrawals are in Bitcoin.
No, you can’t. Once you pick your entry level, that’s what you got to work with.

A certain amount of trust must be in place by both sides in any business arrangement. We would not stay in business if we failed to pay a trader his profit share, just as a bank would not stay in business if they failed to pay their depositors.
We will refund within 24 hours upon payment, once we proceed to create the account and funding then no refund can be made.

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